Sometimes short messages explain better. In a situation when your business is trying to attract the consumer to purchase the product and services, YouTube Bumper Ads are appropriate. It is a difficult job to produce an appealing animation video that provides information within 15 seconds. And this is what we do!

Kubesyn produces YouTube Bumper Ads which are played prior to the concerned YouTube videos for quick communication of your brand message. These eye-catching videos compel the viewer to watch them. These videos are brief and entertaining.

In a situation when the consumer is not interested in watching the pre-roll snippet and tries to skip it, we assure you that any click before 15 seconds of viewing snippets will be free!

We position your pre-roll snippets in such a way on YouTube that your target consumer is compelled to see it, prior the videos where your purchaser is already spending time. The viewer is already busy with the content that is related to your product, services and brands.